Daniela Ivanova 2017

Daniela Ivanova-Nyberg, Ph.D. is an accomplished, professional folk dance teacher, choreographer and researcher of the South Slavic folk cultures.

She was born and raised in Sofia, Bulgaria and began dancing at age 4, learning traditional dances from her grandmother, a native from the Shop region. At age 12 Daniela began touring Europe as a member of Rosna Kitka Children’s Folk Dance Ensemble. Daniela later became a full-time teacher in choreography, ethnography and philosophy. She was a co-founder of Medena Pitka school ensemble, artistic director of Tropanka folk dance group (New Bulgarian University), and assistant choreographer of Zornitsa University Student Folk Ensemble. She worked as a lecturer in cultural anthropology at St. Kliment Ohridski Sofia University, as a lecturer in dance folklore at New Bulgarian University, and other institutions. As a dancer, choreographer, dance teacher, field researcher and scholar she has traveled repeatedly to France, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, former Yugoslavia, Malta, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Turkey, Cyprus, Greece, Israel, Mongolia, Ireland, and more.

Since 2003 Daniela has made teaching tours to the U.S., appearing in more than 40 States of the US (over 400 workshops). She has taught at major dance camps: Stockton, California (2008, 2005), Mainewoods Folk Dance Camp (2008), Arcata International Folk Dance Festival (2012, 2010, 2006), Florida Folk Dance Camp (2007), San Antonio Folk Dance Camp (2007), Chicago Spring Festival (2006, 2007), Buffalo on the Danube: Labor Day International Music and Dance Weekend (2009), Balkanalia Music and Dance Camp, Oregon (2011, 2010, 2009), and more.

In 2010 Daniela  completed her Ph.D. (Ethnochoreology) at the Institute of Art Studies, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Her two Masters degrees are from St. Kliment Ohridski Sofia University: Philosophy, with Culturologia minor, and Bulgarian Philology, with   specialization in Folklore. She also holds a Bachelor degree from  Institute for Music and Choreography (Sofia). Her scientific publications focus on folk dance activities in the Balkans and the US. For her academic credentials please visit: (Curriculum Vitae - pdf file)

Daniela directs BULGARIAN FOLKLORE ARTS PROGRAM at the Bulgarian Cultural and Heritage Center of Seattle which includes:
- Medena Pitka Children Folklore Program
- Folklorna Tantsova Rabotilnitsa [Adult Dance Workshop]
- Seattle Cheta Performance Group


- Bulgarian language classes to adults in Seattle and Portland
Please check for references: www.grambulgaria.com

- Folk dance classes to children for BULGARCHE Educational and Cultural Program at Podkrepa Bulgarian-Macedonian Association (Portland, Oregon) and folk dance classes for teens and adults.

Daniela serves as a coordinator of Bulgarski Iskrets Literary Club (at Podkrepa) and Glagolnitsata Society for Poetry and Literature at BCHCS.

As a fiber artist (a former member of ARTrails Southwest Washington) she presents her work at art galleries and exhibitions. Online examples may be seen at www.danielaart.net

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Dancing photo of Daniela on the right by Bistra Djukelova-Vantova October, 2017, Seattle

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