Scientific Publications

With the generous support of the Bulgarian Ministry of Culture, Bulgarian Cultural and Heritage Center of Seattle and many friends, in 2011 Daniela published her monographic study entitled
"Bulgarian Folk Dance Ensemble as a Cultural Phenomenon."
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Autobiographic Foreword in BG -
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Available at: Bulgarski Knizhitsi online book store and

Sellected symposium and conference papers:

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Accessible as pdf:
“Choreographer as a Culture Hero?” International Joint Conference of Nordic Forum for Dance Research (NOFOD) and Society of Dance History Scholars (SDHS). Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway, June 8-11, 2013. pdf file

A public speach:
"A Search for Harmonious Life: Life as a Project." HUMANITIES.ORG Speakers Bureau Audition. July 7, 2012, Seattle. pdf file

Publications in Bulgarian


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V Uhoto na Rakovinata [Echoes from the Conch] Poems. Sofia: Ab Publishing House.

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"Аб" представя "В УХОТО НА РАКОВИНАТА" - The Art Foundation, Sofia

Presented in New York on October 27 along with the beautiful piano master, Victoria Tzotzkova.
Hosted by the Consulate General of Bulgaria in New York.
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Poslednata Nedelya na Septemvri. [The Last Week of September] Poems. Sofia: Ab Publishing House.

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Available at: Bulgarski Knizhitsi online book store and


Miris na Voda. The Scent of Water. Poems. Bilingual Edition, Bulgarian and English. Sofia: Ab Publishing House. Also In CD Edition: Simeon Venkov (music), poems presented by Bogdan Glishev (Bulgarian) and Sava Piperov (English). Recorded in Bulgaria.

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Publications in Journals and Newspapers


“Dobro Utro, G-n Ministur!” [“Good Morning Mr. Minister: How Much Costs the Bulgarian Teacher’s Dignity?”] Open Letter to the Bulgarian Minister of Education. Trud (daily newspaper). September 4.


“Molya, Day mi Edna Epulka.” [“Please Give me an Epulka: Field Notes from America.”] Essay. Rodolyubets Almanac. E. Vodinchar, et al (eds.), Sofia: WINI 1837 Publisher, No. VII., p.199-204. Published also In: Prelom (newspaper), No. 22 (725), 28.06.2006, p. 6, and No. 23 (726), 04.07.2006, p. 6.


“Tantzut, Tantzuvaneto, Panevritmiyata.” [“Dance, Dancing, Paneurhythmy.” ] Essay. AstroJournal. Sofia: Vega Astrological Research Center, No. 32, July, p. 11-12.


“Bulgarinut – Pustur Zmey i Mlad Stoyan.” [“The Bulgarian – Motley Dragon and Young Stoyan.”] Essay. Literaturen Forum. No. 36, 06-12.11., p. 6.


“Poriv“. Essay. Litaraturen Vestnik. No. 24. 20-26.06., p. 13.


2016 Interviews for newspapers
„Даниела Иванова-Найберг: ‘Създадохме си България в Америка’”. В-к „Жълт труд“, бр. 25, 22 юни, 2016, с.16-17.

„Прегръдка през океана.“ В-к „Над 55“, 20-26 юни, 2016, с.8-9.

„Даниела Иванова-Найберг“. В-к "Клуб 100". 12 юли, 2016.

„Даниела Иванова-Найберг: ‘В Америка имам работа, която трябва да свърша. Бих я нарекла дълг’”. В-к „Трета възраст“, бр.33, 17-23 август, 2016, с. 18.

„Даниела Иванова-Найберг дойде от Америка с трета стихосбирка.“ В-к „Жълт труд“, бр. 38, 21 септември, 2016, с.13.

„Мисия ‘Българка‘“. В-к „Пенсионери“, 30 ноември-6 декември, 2016, с.8.

Линкове към интервютата са поместени в края на публикацията тук:


Епизод: Малките Българии (06.10.2015) Interview for BiT


First Meeting of Bulgarians Living Abroad, July 26-27, 2014
Stara Zagora, Bulgaria
Interview for Stara Zagora TV


“Balansut in Harmoniata Potichat ot Choveka kum Durzhavata, a ne Obratno.” [“The Balance and Harmony Flow from Man to the State Not Contrariwise.”] Svoboda (newspaper), No. 3, July 7, p. 5-7.


Daniela Ivanova. Artistic and Educational Work. Presented by Zharava Journal. No.5: Back Cover. Sofia: Women’s Alliance for Development.

Also Interviews for Azbuki newspaper (1994); Horizont and Hristo Botev programs of Bulgarian National Radio, radio and TV programs in Bulgaria and abroad (Channel One, Nova TV, and more; Interview for TRT (Turkish Radio and Television) as a presenter in panel: The Contribution of Folk Dances To Peace in the Balkans. Third International Balkan Festival, Izmir, 2007.

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