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Dani teaching
Dance workshop in New York 2014
Photo: Stanka Tzonkova - Usha
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dance on the lake

2015 Christmas Show
Bulgarian Cultural and Heritage Center of Seattle

Other 2015 Albums:
London-Cambridge December 2015
Koprivshtitsa Festival 2015
Astana 2015
Muzei imeni Kasteeva - Almaty, July 2015
Ethnofestival Almaty 2015
Medeu, Almaty, July 2015
Athens, June 2015
Washington DC in June 2015

nyberg duo SEATTLE CHETA in Vancouver BC, 2014
Koleda v Canada 2014

Bulgarian National Celebration at PODKREPA
Bulgarian National Celebration at PODKREPA - 2014

2013 Photos Selected

“Together for Christmas” Bulgarian Concert
December 22, 2013, Kirkland Performance Center
Stage Photos by Bogdan Darev
Zaedno na Koleda concert pics and videos

“Together for Christmas” - KOLEDARI
Bogdan Darev's Photos
Koledari Seattle 2013

“Together for Christmas” - MEDENA PITKA
Bogdan Darev's Photos
Medena Pitka - Together for Christmas 2013 Concert Pics

Children from Bulgarian Cultural and Educational Program -
Podkrepa Bulgarian-Macedonian Association, December 15, 2013
2013 Podkrepa Koleda

MEDENA PITKA Children Folklore Program Opening, September 7, 2013
Bulgarian Cultural and Heritage Center of Seattle
Photos by Tania Anguelova
Medena Pitka Program Opening

Classes with children at PODKREPA, April, 2013 - Bogdan Darev's Photos
Bulgarian School_Bogdan Darev's Photos

2012 US Coast to Coast Between and Beyond. This is a large documentary Picasa album. The pics illustrate 6 000+ ground travel miles, not including air, and feature multiple sites in the States, Macedonia, Albania, Bulgaria and Ireland.
2012 US Coast to Coast Between and Beyond

Christmas at Podkrepa, Portland, Bulgarian School
2012-12-15 Chistmas at Podkrepa

2011 Photo and video pics
 from performances, workshops and events

Sevdah: Love Songs from Bosnia and Herzegovina
Museum of History and Industry, Seattle, WA, December 17  
Sevdah: Love Songs of Bosnia and Herzegovina

U Dzul Basti

Srdo Moja

Photos by Evgenia Angelova and Sedat Uysal
Video: Gary Nyberg, arranged by Slavi Slavov

Presenting art works at Lord And McCord Art Works Gallery
December 1

gala opening
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Book Release

"Bulgarian Folk Dance Ensemble as a Cultural Phenomenon"
(a monographic study) and "The Last Week of September" (poems) Book Publication Release. "St. Kliment Ohridski" Sofia University, Yaitseto University Club, November 9

Book Release

In the program: Medena Pitka Ensemble, Horo Folk Dance Club, Angel Dobrev and Angel Nazlamov
Angel Nazlamov and friends' Crazy Kopanitsa

Photos and album video clips by Ana-Maria Georgieva and Angel Dobrev, video: Stoyan Silozov


Singing class and student concert
Balkanalia Music and Dance Camp

singing class
Students concert, September 4

Video by Steve Ramsey

FRUA children summer camp,
August 6

Heritage Camp - August 5th-7th, Graham, Washington, Camp Lakeview

Opening of the first Bulgarian school in the state of Oregon
Podkrepa Bulgarian-Macedonian Association, Portland, May 1

First Bulgarian School in Oregon


2008 Photos
from Harrisburg, PA (preschool kids), Dayton, Ohio (several schools for gifted children), Santa Rosa folk dancers, CA (adults), Phoenix, AZ (photo with two Bulgarian girls), Blair School of Music at Vanderbilt , University, Nashville, February 6, Delaware folk dance workshop with accordionist Vlado Mollov, and gig with Zhelyazkov family (2005), Birmingham, AL
Workshops Photos

2008 Stockton Folk Dance Camp (Folk dance teachers having fun…)
 Taco Bell Canon


2003 Snapshots
from Daniela Ivanova and Angel Nazlumov's team work

pictures collage 2003
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Fieldwork pics


2010 Koprivshtitsa Folklore Festival
in pictures and videoclips
2010 Koprivshtitsa Folklore Festival


In love with the sky…


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