Fiber Art and Beyond
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wooden profile 1 profile black backgr vase
milk cup 3 milk cup 1 milk kup 2 milk cup 4 statue 3
tea pot 1 teapot 2 cup ceramic composition


Painted World

light in red and green curve and a half curvy wall 1 three curves greenish oval rosy wall and oval edge redish pink wall kitchen wall 3 kitchen wall 2 kitchen wall painting 3 pastel snail stromy sky in the bathroom captured and hanged 2 wrapped in blue yellow and green stair
repainted tired fridge yellow orange wood collage blue bathroom off white and light purple oval 2
green refrigerator 1 green refrigerator 2 exterior 1 wood painting blue closeup wood painting on the deck flowers wood painting  

eggs 2015

eggs 2013 1

eggs 2013 2

eggs 2013 3 2013 collage

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